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Not everyone can hire a consultant or wants to figure it all out the hard way, which is why we created a course to empower you to grab the reins of your business today and fix your hiring so you can cash in on the increasing demand.

"As a client of Matt's I can attest to his hiring acumen and overall professionalism. Every contractor should learn to run their operation like Matt DiBara."

Ward Poulos,

Co-Founder ZipRecruiter

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For busy, hard working contractors that are committed to more vacations, higher profit margins, and a loyal team.

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  • Contractor-specific advice is always the answer.
  • Advice should always be given with respect and from a deep understanding.
  • True growth is achieved with passion & transparency.
  • Wherever you are reading this from, thank a contractor.

Matt DiBara

Co-Founder & 4th GENERATION MASONRY and 


Growing up in a family of masons, Matt DiBara's passion for the construction industry was instilled in him from a young age. At just nine years old, Matt began working alongside his father, learning the importance of a strong work ethic and commitment to craftsmanship. As he matured, Matt's admiration for his father's dedication and the challenges faced by contractors inspired him to co-found The Contractor Consultants. This innovative company aims to revolutionize recruitment for contractors and help construction companies embrace modern technology, improving their operations and work-life balance.

Their services, including a comprehensive 63-module Contractor Hiring Course and an Outsourced Hiring Service, support contractors in building better teams and enhancing work-life balance. In partnership with Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Angi, The Contractor Consultants offer efficient recruitment solutions for the construction industry.

Matt's expertise has led to speaking engagements at major industry events like RoofCon, IBS, and the World of Concrete. He has also been awarded a prestigious Quality and Craftsmanship Award from Congress, appeared on popular construction podcasts, and contributed articles to leading industry publications.

By providing innovative recruitment solutions and sharing his knowledge through speaking engagements, podcasts, and written contributions, Matt DiBara and The Contractor Consultants are empowering contractors to build better businesses and transform the construction industry.


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